Creating Income Generating Websites: Focus On Micro Niche Sites Or Authority Sites

If you have browsed many of the online forums to make money, you may have come across the term micro niche website. A micro-niche site is a small 2-5 page site that is very specific to its content. Is it possible to make money with this business model? What’s the secret behind money-making websites?
Micro niche or authority site? If you think about it, there is not a huge difference between these two approaches. The premise behind micro niche sites is that you can set up and host a few sites pretty quickly. This becomes attractive once you have created multiple sites that make several dollars each.
Say, for example, you have 50 websites, each generating $ 2 a day. That means you’re making around $ 100 a day on fifty micro-niche sites. While this may sound attractive, maintenance is required for each site.
Authority sites, on the other hand, consist of a website filled with a large amount of content focused on a topic. The same feat described above can be accomplished with an authority site. In this case, you would be creating and promoting content on one site rather than multiple sites.
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Having a profitable website doesn’t necessarily depend on the business model you are pursuing. There home business ideas are many variables that come into play that will affect your success. For some, micro-niche sites seem like a safe thing to do. The idea of ​​creating a 2-5 page site seems a lot easier than running an authority site. Keep in mind that having multiple small sites means that you will have to serve content across multiple niches. You will have to create this content or outsource it. The same can be said for setting up backlink campaigns and promotions for each site.
The cost of maintaining multiple sites can easily skyrocket. If you are running multiple micro niche sites, make sure some are profitable to offset maintenance costs.
Authority sites have their own problems, too. The idea of ​​creating an authority site is intimidating in itself. The content will generally be about a broad niche. There is also the risk of spending so much time and effort on a site only to see it fail.
So which business model is best for you? It really depends on your perspective and skill level. I recommend that you start small with micro-niche sites. The idea is to structure these sites so that they are scalable. Some sites will be more profitable than others. It makes sense to grow your profit-making sites and make them authority sites.