A heart health secret that will make you want to laugh

Would you like to take an approach to heart health care that requires fewer doctor’s office visits, no special drug or dietary requirements, and a strenuous daily exercise regimen? Would you also like a zero dollar healthcare approach? If these questions make you smile, laugh you are on the right track according to medical experts. The saying that laughter is the best medicine is more than an old adage. Experts have rediscovered a secret found in the ancient text of Proverbs compiled by Solomon around 950 BC. He says “a happy heart is good medicine”. A smile and a laugh will help you relax and recharge. They reduce stress and increase energy, allowing you to stay focused and accomplish more. Smiles and laughter can drive away distressing emotions. Behavioral scientists tell us that you can’t feel anxious, angry, or sad when you’re smiling and laughing. Researchers also tell us that a smile is contagious and that laughter is contagious. Smiling and laughing helps your immune system work better. There is evidence to suggest that you can prevent colds and flu by zdrowie smiling. Since laughter and smiles protect you from the damaging cardiovascular effects of stress. The old saying that laughter is the best medicine definitely seems to be true when it comes to protecting your heart.
This drug offers limitless possibilities and has the potential to save several million dollars a year in healthcare costs. Many medical experts endorse this as good medicine and have supporting data confirming a mind-body connection. These published articles show that there is an absolute link between anger and hostility and the resulting effects of coronary artery and hypertensive disease. Anger appears to increase blood pressure, raise cholesterol, and increase the risk of coronary heart disease. However, a smile and a laugh can counteract the negative effects of anger and hostility on your heart health. When you smile, there is a measurable reduction in your blood pressure.
Surprisingly, a smile does nothing for anyone until it is given away. It’s one of the best things in life and it’s free. It is God’s gift to his image bearers. Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural pain relievers, and serotonin. Together these three make us feel good. These endorphins promote a general feeling of well-being. Both smiles and laughs help protect your heart against a heart attack by improving blood vessel function and increasing blood flow. The mind-body connection is real. Smiling is a natural drug, and a cheerful heart is not only good medicine, it offers affordable health care to everyone. Remember that you cannot overdose or get addicted to this drug and it is free. Give it a try and prove it yourself. Your heart will thank you.